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BIO - Sergey Goryaev

BIO  - Sergey Goryaev

In 2008, the artist turned fifty. Life’s zenith, its core. The time of wisdom has come. Sergei Goryaev is on his move on the path of knowledge, creation and new discoveries.
Natalya Anikina, art critic
Sergei Goryaev
1958 – born to the family of the famous Russian graphic artist, People’s Artist of the USSR, Vitaly Goryaev (1910-1982).
1978-1983 – education at Stroganov Artistic-Industrial School in Moscow.
1978 –first participation at the exhibition of young Moscow artists.
1980 –first personal exhibition, together with Georgy Kurdov and Alexander Arkhutik, at the Molodaya Gvardia Publishing House.
1981-1983 – member of the cross-section exhibition committee of young Moscow artists; working on a series of easel paintings - the History of a Single Still-life.
1982 – joining the Youth Association of the Artists’ Union of the USSR.
1983 to the present day – work at the Moscow studio of monumental and decorative art, since1993 - its artistic director.
1988 – joining the Artists’ Union of the USSR.
1988 – creation of mosaic panels and, together with artist Maria Krasilnikova, decoration of the main entrance gate of a pioneer camp in Kanev (Ukraine).
1989-1990 – creation of decorative lamps and gratings for the Central House of Railway Workers in Moscow.
1991 – creation of monumental and decorative design of interiors in the Soviet-American Eco-Center (Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl region).
1991 – reconstruction of interiors and restoration of décor at the Consulate-General of Russia in Montreal, Canada (the Robber Franger Mansion of early 20th century).
1992 – elected chairman of the artistic union “House of Arts on Begovaya St.”, Moscow.
1993 - becomes a member of the Monumental and Decorative Arts Association (Moscow).
1996-97 – Chief artist at the Moscow Architectural Committee.
1996 – creation, in collaboration with artist Maria Krasilnikova, of a steel-and-optical-glass composition the Waterfall for the Russian Cultural Center on the Red Hills (Moscow).
1996 – creation of a gala steel-and-crystal chandelier for the lobby of the Central railway station (Perm).
1997 – creation of a brass-and-glass composition for the Central Bank in Saransk (Mari-El).
1997 – elected First Secretary of the Moscow section of the Union of Artists of Russia (MOSKh).
1998-99 – director of the Arts Foundation of the Union of Artists of Russia.
March and October 1998 - personal exhibitions in Paris, France.
2000 – elected chairman of the Moscow section of the Union of Artists of Russia (MOSKh).
2000-2003 - creation, in collaboration with artist Maria Krasilnikova, of Crystal - the monumental composition of decorative glass with light effects, in front of the Gas and Oil Geology Museum, Khanty-Mansiysk (architect V.Kolosnitsin).
2001 – creation of an architectural and decorative ensemble in Khanty-Mansiysk – exteriors and interiors of the House-Museum of V.Igoshev, People’s Artist of the USSR (in collaboration with artists E.Danilchenko, A.Yakimenko and architect E.Ingelma).
2002 - creation of stainless steel and glass artworks for the International House of Music in Moscow (composition for the main entrance – in collaboration with artist Maria Krasilnikova and architects Yu.Gnedovsky, S.Gnedovsky, D.Solopov, V.Krasilnikov).
2001-2002 – creation of art compositions for the façade and interiors of the School-lyceum in Mirny, Yakutia (architect N.Yurasova).
2002 – personal exhibition in the Regional Administration building of Khanty-Mansiysk.
2003 - creation, in collaboration with artists B.Uspensky, E.Danilchenko and architect V.Kubasov, of the mosaic panel Yugra for the façade of the Khanty-Mansiysk Business center.
2003 – creation of a dynamic light composition on the top of the Gas and Oil Geology Museum, Khanty-Mansiysk, as an integral part of the Crystal complex.
2003 - creation of steel-and-optical-glass decorative composition with “liana” lighting for the interior of the House-Museum of V.Igoshev, Khanty-Mansiysk.
2003 – “Moscow-Krasnodar” exhibition project
2003 – personal exhibition in the Kremlin.
2004-2005 – creation, in collaboration with architects A.Barshch, V.Rzhevsky and A.Rodionov, of the decorative design for the artist’s G.S.Raishev gallery-studio in Khanty-Mansiysk.
2004-2005 – project elaboration and creation of the artwork sketches for the Ethnographic Museum Torum-Maa in Khanty-Mansiysk.
2004-2005 – creation of stage sets for the show I Was Born Unto This World To See The Sun at the Obsky-Ugorsky Theatre (after G.S.Raishev’s paintings).
2004 – participation, as a member of Russian Academy of Arts delegation, at the opening of the Museum of Russian Art in Kharbin, China; curator of the joint Russian-Chinese exhibition project Rendezvous of Friends.
2005 – personal exhibition in Udine, Italy.
From 2005 to the present day – creation of the ensemble of the Federal Military Memorial cemetery, Moscow district (artistic supervisor – architect V.Chudnovtsev).
May and November 2006 – exhibitions in Tianjin, China, as a part of the project Rendezvous of Friends.
2007 – member of the Board of trustees for the People of Russia Award.
2007-2008 – creation of the memorial plaque for D.Rudenko, Marshal of Aviation, in Moscow.
2008 – creation of drafts and models for artwork decoration of the “Maryina Roshcha” subway station (architects N.Shumakov and A.Korenbayev).
1997 – Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation.
1997 – “The 850th Anniversary of Moscow” memorial medal.
1999 – diploma of the Artists’ Union of Russia.
2003 – Golden medal of the Russian Academy of Arts.
2003 – People’s Artist of the Russian Federation.
2005 – Medal of the Saints Sergei Radonezhsky and Dmitri Donskoy.
2005 – Government of Russian Federation Culture Award.
2005 – professor of the Academy of Security, Defense and Order of the Russian Federation.
2006 – decoration of the Russian Armed Forces Military-Memorial Center.
2006 – full member of the St. Peter Academy of Sciences and Arts.
2006 – diploma of the Peoples’ Republic of China Ministry of Culture.
2006 – Mikhail Lomonosov Award.
2007 – “Sobytie” Award for the show I Was Born Unto This World To See The Sun at the Obsky-Ugorsky Theatre, Khanty-Mansiysk.
2007 – corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
2008 - Order of the Saints Sergei Radonezhsky and Dmitri Donskoy.
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